The consensus of Independent School District 601 School Board Members at the August 11th, 2016 work session is to wait with any facilities related questions based on survey results; therefore, there will be no building bond referendum proposals on the November 8th 2016 General Election Day ballot.

Why wait?  Paraphrasing discussion rational:
1.     The school district needs to publish the feedback.  To see full referendum feedback survey results, click on the following link:
In order to read all write-in responses, in the "Comments" section of each question,
click "Show Responses" and then keep clicking

“Next Page >” in the lower right corner of the comment pop-up window until
Next Page >“ turns gray.
2. See our current summer project(s) to completion, and then, revisit the next phase of our
facility needs.
3. Another variable: No announcement of a special session yet by Minnesota Governor Mark
Dayton to pass the tax bill HF 848 of Ag2School (40 percent tax credit for school facility bonded debt on Ag Land starting in 2017).
On behalf of the school district, the board members would like to thank the constituents who completed either the mail-in survey or the online option.  The school board would like to also thank the community members who volunteered in drafting the questions as well as the labor preparing envelopes that were mailed to the 2,169 registered voters within the school district.
What was the level of support (or lack of support) related to the five components of the feedback survey?
Repairs/Upgrades/Maintenance to Buildings:  102 write-in comments          
Level of Support:           
            Fully                   51.3%
            Moderate           22.2%
    +      Minimal              09.7%
High School Science Remodel:  68 write-in comments
Level of Support:
                        Fully                   42.1%
                        Moderate           19.7%
                +      Minimal              16.0%              
Addition to Existing Elementary:  81 write-in comments
Level Lack of Support:
                        No/None            44.9%
                +      Minimal              15.3%
Art & Wood Shop Relocation:  109 write-in comments
Level Lack of Support:
                        No/None            46.1%
                +      Minimal              15.7%
Exploring Options for 1937 Building (Auditorium/Gymnasium):
1937 “Preserve and Protect:” 70 write-in comments
                 Lack of Support:                          Level of Support:                                   
                         No/None             37.6%               Fully                   29.2%                                                      
                 +      Minimal              12.6%       +      Moderate            20.7%                                                                                       
                                         50.2%                                       49.9%                                      
            1937 “Major” Renovation:  96 write-in comments
                  Level Lack of Support:
                          No/None            58.6%
                  +      Minimal              17.8%
            1937 “Demolition & New Construction”
                  Level Lack of Support:  90 write-in comments
                           No/None            63.8%
                   +      Minimal              10.9%
General observation:  701 is a good sampling when considering June 2015 the total vote count was 756 and most recently the May 2016 total vote count was 1,551.
What was the actual survey response rate?  33.4%
There were 70 “Return to Sender” envelopes that the district was unable to forward; therefore, 2,099 surveys were believed to delivered successfully by U.S. Postal Mail. 
80 = online submissions prior to the August 1st at 11:59 p.m. deadline
621 = mail-in responses returned by postal mail
701 = 621 mail-in responses + 80 online submissions
2,099 = 2,169 – the 70 “Return to Sender” envelopes
33.4% = 701 out of 2,099
Again, please view the complete survey results at:
Again, there will be no building bond levy referendum related votes for ISD 601 on November 8th.
Respectfully submitted,
Kevin Ricke, Superintendent
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