Expectations, Rules, Procedures

Mrs. Sonstelie     English 7    Reading 7

Required to pass each nine weeks:

            1.  All tests should be completed.

            2.  A 60% average must be maintained.

3.  A minimum of 5 AR points is needed to be eligible to pass. See AR guidelines for details.

4.  Suggestion; a 3-ring binder or folder to keep the handouts and worksheets given in class.           

Attendance Policies:

1.  If you are absent for just the hour or half the day, you are responsible for the work assigned for that day and other assignments given.  If you are gone for a school activity, obtain assignments before you leave so work will be complete when you return.

            2.  Class attendance is important.            

            3.  Be prepared for tests and quizzes.

4.  Bring a makeup slip if you have been absent.  You will be counted tardy or use a class pass if I send you to the office to get one.

5.  The same is true for late slips. If you know you'll be late, get one before you come to class.

6.  You are to be quietly in your desk when the bell rings.  If not, you will be considered tardy. Please write in your planners and take out work for the day.

7.  Three passes for bathroom, locker, or getting materials will be allowed per quarter.


1.  Daily work handed in late goes down 50% even if turned in at the end of the class period.  More than a day late, it's worth one point.  On longer, graded projects and papers, points will be deducted according to the point value of the assignment.

2.  You are expected to bring pen/paper/notebooks/books to class each day.  You will need to use a pass to go get them.

3.  Handwriting is important.  Not all of your writing will be typed.  Therefore, you need to write clearly and legibly.  If I have to work at trying to decipher your words, your paper will be returned to you to recopy clearly. It will then be counted late (half-credit)

            All school rules apply in this classroom. Respect All.  This means treating each other with kindness, respecting others’ rights, and treating everything in the classroom with respect           

            1. Gum is allowed, but only until somebody makes a mess or I find gum on the carpet. Candy and drinks are     
            allowed on special days, with teacher permission.

            2.  Keep desks away from the wall.

            3.  Stay in desks until the bell rings. Please no herding by the door.

            4.  Ask permission to use things on my desk.

            5.  A 3-ring, tabbed binder or folder for the many class handouts is suggested.

            6.  Use appropriate language and "topic choices" at all times..

            7.  If any questions or problems, please see me.

            8.  Helpful websites:


                                     Parent/student info

                                    Accelerated reader bookfinder